Who We Are


Workshops, conferences and press conferences are all important opportunities to advance your sector’s mission through strategic engagement. As part of our integrated approach to strategic engagement, BC offers a full suite of event management services.

Adept at bringing diverse groups of people together in a governmental environment, BC brings a high level of experience in coordinating events for government agencies, as well as for nonprofit organizations, and corporations. Our objective is to create a valuable experience for you, while supporting capacity building opportunities for your agency.

Some of our past work includes:

  • Award Ceremonies
  • Grand Opening Ceremonies
  • Sod Turning Ceremonies
  • Road Opening Ceremonies
  • Logo Reveals
  • Internal Marketing and Concept Generation


Relying on event management professionals is a great way to alleviate you and your staff’s time so that you can focus on your meeting’s content and mission as well as nurturing relationships with key stakeholders. We cater to your team’s specific needs such as same day coordination and the provision of our complete suite of services ranging from strategy to implementation and from marketing to registration.

Some of our past work includes:

  • Luncheons
  • Breakfasts
  • Seminars and cocktail events
  • Staff conferences and retreats
  • Staff and client incentives
  • Team building activities
  • Corporate and VIP client hospitality
  • Product Launches & Grand Opening Ceremonies


Much like our clients, our family at BC is a very diverse one, but we all share a common passion for seeing nonprofit potential achieved. We care, and it’s evident in the way we apply outcome-driven business principles to our clients’ programs, services, visions, and missions.

We understand the issues, challenges and opportunities nonprofit organizations face daily and we pledge to provide the value you need and the accountability, flexibility and responsibility you look for in a marketing and event management company. We understand that Non Profit organizations need partners and sound guidance to get their visions realized. Let us help.